5 interesting electives you didn’t know you could study in Semester 1

Whether you’re nearing the end of your degree and have a few elective spaces to fill or you’re just starting out at university and want to kick off your year with an interesting course – the University of Newcastle offers a range of unique electives beyond HUBS, LEGL or NURS courses already in your program plan.

There are so many hidden gems just waiting to be added to your transcript that you may not even realise are on offer. Below you’ll find a list of some of Navigator’s favourite electives on offer at University of Newcastle campuses and online in Semester 1, 2022!

  1. Magic and Witchcraft in Greece and Rome (AHIS2370)

What you’ll be studying: This cultural history course introduces students to magic and witchcraft in ancient Greece and Rome with discussion and analysis of real witches and wizards of the Mediterranean worlds. Students will learn how to apply the methodologies of the cultural historian – archaeological or material evidence and ancient texts (including papyri) – to produce knowledge of this fascinating, widespread tradition.

Who this course is for: This course is perfect for any student interested in exploring the history of the practice of magic, sociology and anthropology, gender studies and the way of life in ancient Greece and Rome.

  1. Elementary Indonesian I (INDO1110)

What you’ll be studying: This introductory course in Indonesian language will enable you to develop skills in written and spoken communication at a tertiary level. You will learn about aspects of Indonesian society and culture to complement your language knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of a regionally significant and important education, tourism and trade partner for Australia.

Who this course is for: Always wanted to learn another language but missed your chance in high school? Well this is the course for you! INDO1110 is open to all University of Newcastle students who have little or no knowledge of the language and are excited to learn and develop their skills.

  1. Aerospace Performance and Operations (AERO2000)

What you’ll be studying: This course introduces students to critical factors that affect the performance, operation and design of aircraft and has a strong emphasis on the physical understanding of aircraft performance including take-off speeds, climb rates, turns, cruise and descent and landing performance.

Who this course is for: It Is important to note that this course has assumed knowledge requirements comprised of 1000 level Mathematics and Physics courses. Therefore, this elective is best suited to students studying in the STEM field who are interested in Aerospace Engineering.

  1. Extended Reality for Creative Practice (CIND2102)

What you’ll be studying: In this course students are given the opportunity to create a real-time Extended Reality (XR) environment using the webXR platform, a multi-user social space for game based and interactive experiences. Students will learn practical skills in webXR, such as asset creation, scene production, rendering, exporting, publishing to an online server. This course will also develop technical, conceptual and practical skills, as well as historical and theoretical knowledge about XR.

Who this course is for: This course is well suited to students studying in the fields of Arts, Communication and Creative Industries and/or Computer Programming who are interested in learning more about and gaining hands on experience with extended and virtual reality!

  1. Introduction to Programming (INFT1004)

What you’ll be studying: This course enables students to learn the key skills of problem solving and computer programming, including the elementary programming concepts of documentation, data elements, sequence, selection and iteration. Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to understand the concepts involved in programming and code a solution to a problem.

Who this course is for: As this course is a 1000 level foundational course, there is no assumed knowledge requirements and therefore it is perfect for anyone wanting to enter the world of programming! After completing this course there are various electives which students can take in the future which will develop upon the knowledge which they have gained including the courses of Mobile Application Programming and Web Programming.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Student Central Facebook Page for information about when Enrolments open for Semester 1 next year and make sure to contact your Student Progress Advisor if you’re not sure what you should be enrolling in.